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Yakitori, Japanese chicken skewer is a typical food you can try at izakaya(Japanese tavern). Yaki means burn and tori means chicken in Japanese.

You can try a lot of types of yakitori, depending on the part of the chicken you want to eat. Heart, gizzard, skin, tail and etc.

Then, also very popular one is NEGIMA, which you put spring onion between the chicken as shown in the picture.

There are two types of flavors. First one is called TARE, which is salty & sweet - similar to teriyaki sauce. Then, the other one is just salty. Young generation and foreigners love TARE flavor but elder Japanese prefere salty one.

Therefore, if you order yakitori, the staff of the izakaya will ask you "TARE or SHIO(salt)".

If you want to show them that you are not a tourist, please say "SHIO".

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