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As know as Shirakawago, Ogi-machi, district of Shirakawa village is a very popular tourist destination since it is registered as UNESCO World Heritage in 1995.

I personally visited the place in December 2015 but I was so shocked. I have never seen such a tourist destination in Japan where the foreigners were around 50% of the total tourists who I met on the streets of Shirakawago.

Unfortunately Shirakawa village does not have any train station. Therefore you have to travel there by bus. There is a full day bus tour from Nagoya or you can hop on the regular buses from Takayama station or Kanazawa station. I took the Hokuriku shinkansen to Kanazawa from Tokyo and then took a bus from Kanazawa after having a short sightseeing in Kanazawa. After enjoying Shirakawago, I took a bus to Takayama and then took JR back to Tokyo.

Which means that I could visit Kanazawa, Shirakawago and Takayama in one day from Tokyo!

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