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I think many Europeans love ramen noodles.

There are shoyu, miso, shio and tonkotsu flavors, and my favorite is miso ramen.

However it is interesting but I am not such a ramen lover as ordinary Japanese are.

Therefore I usually do not eat ramen during my stay in Japan, even in Fukuoka where is hometown of tonkotsu ramen.

However, my friend opened an Aburasoba noodle restaurant, 油山Aburayama in Tokyo last year.

Aburasoba seems to similar to ramen but it is without soup and even though the word ABURA means oil, the meal itself has less calories than ramen has.

The restaurant was first in Ichigaya district but moved to Higashi-Nakano in June 2017.

I was the first customer when it reopened!

As most of the ramen restaurants have, Aburayama also has the meal ticket machine inside the restaurant. You have to put the money(bill or coins) into the machine and press the button which is written the each meal. 並盛(Nami-mori) means standard size which will be insufficient for guys, therefore recommend to choose 大盛(Oo-mori), which means extra size, 50% more noodles than Nami-mori.

Pick up the ticket and pass the ticket to the staff. Although cold water is complimentary as other restaurants throughout Japan, you can buy the ticket for beer too.

Due to the staff prepares the fresh and hot Aburasoba for each customers, please be patient to wait for a while. Finally if you loved their Chashuu(stewed pork), you can buy it as take away.

油山(Aburayama), open daily from 11:30 till midnight or until runs out of noodle

3-8-5 Higashinakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo

3 minutes from JR Soubu line Higashi-Nakano station or Toei subway Oedo line Higashi-Nakano station.

Aburasoba @ Aburayama

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