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Ueda Santomyuze

Ueda Santomyuze is a cultural complex of Ueda Performing Arts & Cultural Center and Ueda City Museum of Art, located in Ueda, Nagano prefecture. Ueda is the third largest city in Nagano prefecture by number of inhabitants.

Santomyuze was opened on 02 October 2014 on a place which was used to be a factory for Japan Tobacco Inc., which closed in 2005. It received the Chubu Architectural Award. Chubu is one of the region in Japan located between Kanto where Tokyo is located and Kinki which Osaka and Kyoto are located.

Ueda Performing Arts & Cultural Center has two halls and several studios. Concerts and plays are organized frequently. Santomyuze is closed on Tuesdays and the day after public holidays. It is located within walking distance from Ueda station.

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