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Turkish rice(Toruko rice)

Turkish rice(Toruko rice) bento

Turkish rice(Toruko rice) is a local specialty of Nagasaki. Toruko means Turkey(country) in Japanese. However, this dish does not exist in Turkey and it will not be preferred by Turks due to dish contains pork.

Turkish rice is a combo dish, a platter which combines several foods. The standard combination is tonkatsu(Japanese style fried pork schnitzel), napolitan(Japanese style fried spaghetti) and pilaf/pilau.

Actually it is not clear why the dish is called Turkish rice. Although pilaf is a Turkish food, tonkatsu is adapted from European schnitzel and napolitan is adapted from Italian pasta dish. Probably Turkey is a diverse country located both in Asia and in Europe.

Anyway, if you want to try several Japanese style western foods, Turkish rice is a good chance to try.

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