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Tanegashima airport

Tanegashima airport

Tanegashima airport is located in Nakatane town of Tangashima island, which belongs to Osumi islands of Kagoshima prefecture in Kyushu.

Tanegashima Space Center which is called the most beautiful rocket-launch site in the world is located on the island in Minamitane town.

Tanegashima airport is served by Japan Air Commuter, an airline which is a subsidiary of Japan Airlines, JAL. Daily flights are available only between Kagoshima airport but there are direct flights to Osaka-Itami airport in summer. If you are flying from other cities, better to take JAL flight to Kagoshima which you can enjoy discount for the route Kagoshima-Tanegashima.

The ground transportation is airport bus, taxi or car rental. Airport buses are connecting Nishinoomote city which is the most populous municipality on the island and Minamitane town via Nakatane. Journey takes approximately 25 minutes to downtown of Nishinoomote, 15 minutes to Nakatane and 35 minutes to Minamitane.

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