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Take away vs Bento box

Gyudon beef bowl - Sukiya

I assume many people experienced take away since March 2020. Although many European restaurants offer take away before March, a lot of people done take away for lunch rather than for dinner.

The situation in Japan is slightly different. There are a lot of restaurants which cannot offer take away menu. Especially ramen noodles, udon noodles and soba noodles are not sufficient for take away. These noodles contain hot soup and the noodles are not considered to reheat.

Then, there are restaurants which offer bento boxes. Bento boxes can be similar to take away but bento boxes never been considered as take away food in Japan. Then, bento boxes are hard to see in Europe.

What is different between take away and bento box? Bento boxes are prepared and piled on the tables or counters of the restaurants. Therefore customer does not have to wait to pick up the meal. On the other hand, take away must be cooked after the order was placed. Therefore you have to wait a certain time at the restaurant but the meal is fresher than bento box.

Which is better? Which has less risk?

Definitely take away has better quality and you do not have to reheat. However, there is a risk to spend much time at the restaurant. Then, restaurant hardly ever offer bento box as same price as normal meal eaten inside the restaurant.

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