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Tachikawa station

JR Tachikawa station, north gate

Tachikawa station is a main station of Tachikawa city, which is located in the western Tokyo metropolis - Tama region. It is one of the biggest terminal stations in Tama region which population is 4 million.

Tachikawa station has three JR lines, Chuo main, Ome and Nambu lines. The daily ridership is more than 330 thousand. There are 4 platforms with 8 tracks for passenger trains. All limited express trains(Azusa, Kaji, Narita Express and Fuji-kaiyu) which run through this station stop at this station except two Azusa trains.

There are 5 gates and north side of the station. Although there is no private railway operating at Tachikawa station, there is a Tama Toshi Monorail line running west side of the station and there are two stations, one at the north side and another one at the south side.

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