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Revision of train schedule

Railway companies belonging to JR group are going to revise their train schedules from 14 March.

Here are the major revisions which will be affect to tourists in Kansai area(Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Kobe).

JR West

1 - Limited express Haruka, which run between Kyoto and Kansai airport will be all operated by 9 cars. Currently there are trains with 6 cars only.

2 - There will be up to 6 Nozomi trains on Sanyo Shinkansen per hour. Currently is up to 5 trains.

3 - Mizuho trains of Sanyo Shinkansen will stop at Fukuyama or Shin-Yamaguchi stations. Currently no train is stopping at these stations.

4 - All limited express Kuroshio will stop at Hineno station. Hineno station is a transfer station for Kansai airport from Hanwa line.

For Japan Rail Pass holders, the major affects are 1 and 4.

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