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Steamed oysters at Mitsuya, Tokyo

The season for oyster has been started. Oysters are eaten in Europe too but the ways eaten in Japan is different from the ways in Europe, where fresh oysters are mostly eaten as raw oysters, not cooked.

Although Japanese eat raw oysters too, mostly are cooked, which means the oysters are not cold. Due to sometime raw oyster is poisonous, Japanese seems to prefer cooked one. Then, there are many types of cooked oysters. Major styles of cooking are deep fried, steamed, boiled or pan fried. Especially oysters are eaten as hot pot or deep fried in breadcrumbs at home. Then, many restaurants offer dishes with oysters in fall/winter.

There are many places where oysters are local specialty but Hiroshima prefecture produces roughly 65% of the total oysters in Japan.

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