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Musashi-Kyuryo national government park

Musashi-Kyuryo National Government park is the first national government park in Japan, opened in July 1974. It is located at Namegawa town of Hiki county in Saitama prefecture. The park is called as "Shinrinkoen" by locals, which means "Forest park" in Japanese.

it is a large park which is 304 ha and it has four entrances, south, west, north and central. Admission is required for all visitors and there is no free zone as like Showa memorial national government park in Tachikawa, Tokyo.

Visitors can enjoy cycling by rental bikes, BBQ and disk golf too. However, the biggest reason to visit is the various kinds of plants and flowers which are planted inside the park. The flowers include nemophila, Iceland poppy and lupin.

The park can be reached by buses from Shinrinkoen station on Tobu Tojo line. From downtown Tokyo, take a Tobu Tojo train from Ikebukuro or train bound for Shinrinkoen from Shibuya or Shinjuku Sanchome stations on Tokyo metro Fukutoshin line, which continues to Tobu Tojo line from Wako-shi statio. From Shinrinkoen, take local buses bound for Shinrinkoen, Kumagaya station or Rishho university. The buses stop at south entrance of the park first then at west entrance.

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