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Inside the limited express train, Laview

Laview is a limited express of Seibu railways, a major non-JR, private railway company operating in Tokyo metropolis and Saitama prefecture. Actually Laview is not the name of the limited express which you have to pay an additional surcharge for limited express ticket but the train itself.

Laview replaced the predecessor, New Red Arrow on Seibu Ikebukuro line and Seibu Chichibu line. It is running hourly between Ikebukuro station, the terminal of Ikebukuro line in Toshima ward of Tokyo metropolis and Seibu-Chichibu station, the terminus of Chichibu line in Saitama prefecture. Chichibu is a popular touristic destination in north west Saitama. Laview is also running between Ikebukuro and Hanno station. Hanno station is not the actual terminus of Ikebukuro line but the nominal one.

Laview debuted in March 2019 and received Blue Ribbon Award in 2020. Blue Ribbon Award is an award for most outstanding train debuted in the previous year.

Currently Laview is running only on Ikebukuro line and there is no plan to run on other main line, for example Shinjuku line, replacing the New Red Arrow running between Seibu-Shinjuku and Hon-Kawagoe.

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