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Kujukuri beach

Kujukuri beach, Asahi, Chiba prefecture

Kujukuri beach is one of the longest sandy beach in Japan, which is 66 km long. It is located in Chiba prefecture, stretches north from Cape Gyobu in Asahi city to the south to Cape Taito in Isumi city. Whole beach is located at Kujukuri Prefectural Natural Park which was established in 1935. Due to the length, sometimes it is called as Kujukuri coast.

Kujukuri beach is a popular surfing spot in Japan, which attracts many surfers living in Kanto region which includes Tokyo. Surfing venue for Olympic games Tokyo 2020(which was postponed to July 2021) will take place in Tsurigasaki surfing beach which is located in Ichinomiya town.

"Kujuku" literally means ninety nine and "ri" literally means unit of measurement. 1 ri is approximately 3.93 km. Therefore Kujukuri should mean 389 km but when Minamoto no Yoritomo, the first shogun of Kamakura shogunate named after the beach as Kujukuri, 1 ri was 660 meters instead of current 3.96 km. 660 x 99 is 65.340 km.

To reach Kujukuri beach, take JR Sobu line or Sotobo line. Although both lines pass Chiba station, Sobu line continues to northeast toward Narita and then to the Kujukuri beach but Sotobo line continues to southeast toward to the Kazusa-Ichinomiya station which is close to Tsurigasaki surfing beach which is southern tip of Kujukuri beach.

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