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Kokuritsu-kyogijo station

Kokuritsu-kyogijo station

Kokuritsu-kyogijo station is the nearest station of Japan National Stadium, which will be named Olympic stadium during summer Olympic game in this summer. Only one subway line, Toei Oedo line is using this station.

Kokuritsu means national in Japanese and kyogijo means stadium. Although Japan National Stadium was built instead of original national stadium which was located next to the current stadium, Kokuritsu-kyogijo station is relatively new station, which commenced its service in April 2000.

Due to closure of original national stadium and nearly no office buildings nearby, the daily ridership is the lowest among stations of Oedo line. In case you are visiting Jingu stadium, which is a home of Tokyo Yakult Swallows, the professional baseball team belonging to NPB, Kokuritsu-Kyogijo station is one of the stations within walking distanc.

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