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Japanese Armor

Samurai's armors of Ito clan, Obi castle, Nichinan, Miyazaki

If you think the personal belongings of samurai warriors, you will think katana sword first. Although katana sword is definitely important and precious personal item for each samurai. However, their items for protecting their lives are not only sword.

Armor is also the item which protected the samurais' lives. Although armors were not made by famous artists or craftsmen as like swordsmiths, armors also have distinguished difference among clans, especially the helmet part worn by high rank famous samurais.

Armors are not like western ones which is heavy and simple - just silver color. It is constructed to be more flexible to move, not disturbing the maneuvers of the samurais. Then, it is was much easier to samurais to get on the horses than the European knights. By the way, Japanese horses did not wear armors as like in Europe.

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