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Ferris wheel

Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel, Osaka

Ferris wheel is a popular attraction ride in Japan as same as other countries. Many of them are located at the amusement parks but there are Ferris wheels which are located at solely near the bays or lakes.

Ferris wheels are located in 43 prefectures, total 142 Ferris wheels are in Japan. There are 13 of them located in Aichi prefecture which Nagoya is the prefectural capital,11 in Hokkaido and 9 in Hyogo prefecture which Himeji castle is located.

The prefectures without Ferris wheels are Nagano, Nara, Tottori and Shimane. It was quite surprise for me that Nagano does not have any Ferris wheel even the area is relatively large, many tourists destinations and also there are lakes.

The tallest Ferris wheel is located in Suita, Osaka. Redhorse Osaka Wheel is 123 meters tall and it is located at Expocity, shopping mall located at the place where Osaka Expo was held in 1970. This is the fifth tallest Ferris wheel on Earth. The first world's tallest Ferris Wheel in Japan was Cosmo Clock 21 in Yokohama between 1989-1992.

Ferris Wheel is a popular place for young couples to enjoy their first date and ask her/him out. Therefore if you are asked to ride a Ferris wheel together with a friend, please be aware of the confession at the top of the Ferris wheel!

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