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Don Quijote

Don Quijote Tokorozawa Miyamoto-cho store

Don Quijote(pronounced as Don Kihoote) is a Japanese discount chain store based in Tokyo. The stores are located in all 47 prefectures. Not like supermarkets which are located in residential areas, you can find the store even in commercial districts in downtown Tokyo. Therefore the stores are located in all special wards of Tokyo metropolis except Kita ward.

Opening hours are either 24 hours or closed during early morning. Stores in central Tokyo especially in commercial districts are open 24 hours and stores in residential areas or outside Tokyo are open from 09:00 to 1-5AM. Although Don Quijote sells groceries, customers go there to buy products which do not have to pay attention to best before dates, which means beverage, snacks or convenience foods.

Don Quijote sells wide variety of product including groceries, cosmetics, toiletries, accessories, clothes, bags, toys and miscellaneous items. However, aisles are narrow and merchandises are piled on floors or carton boxes. Therefore if you want to buy a specific item quickly, Don Quijote is not a place to go. On the other hand, if you have plenty of time and want to buy various items at once, Don Quijote is the right place to visit.

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