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Creme caramel

GInza purin of Ginza Cozy Corner

Another popular confection in Japan is creme caramel; purin. Purin is more likely sold in supermarkets and convenience stores rather than ordering at restaurants. Purin sold in stores are in plastic container with caramel sauce on the bottom.

There are two types of purin. The first one is preparered as same as European creme caramel but much smoother. The second one is adding gelling agent such as gelatin to the ingredients. This type does not have to be place in an oven and therefore can be directly put into the fridge.

Usually second type purin is sold at supermarket and convenience stores and the first type sold at confectionery. Probably the most famous purin is Pucchin Purin, which is the world's best-selling pudding product produced by Ezaki Glico. Its characteristic is a special package with which consumers can efficiently move the contents on a plate. The caramel sauce on top.

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