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Aoshima, Miyazaki prefecture

Aoshima is an island located in Miyazaki prefecture which is located in Kyushu. The area is 4.4ha and it is almost a land tied island. It is connected with Aoshima beach by Yayoi bridge. Aoshima is one of the best beaches in Kyushu.

There are more than 200 species of plants are found on Aoshima including 27 species of tropical and sub-tropical plants. The most valuable one is Chinese fan palms and these are designated as Aoshima Sub-tropical plant group which is listed as special natural monument. Famous Aoshima shrine is located on the island too.

Aoshima was elected as number one resort in Japan in 1908 by news paper Nippon and attracted 700 thousand visitors in 2003.

The nearest station is Aoshim station on JR Nichinan line and the island also can be visited by taking bus from bus terminal; Miyako City Bus Center which in located close to JR Minami-Miyazaki station.

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