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Akashi-yaki(明石焼き) is a local specialty of Akashi city, Hyogo prefecture. Although it looks like takoyaki(たこ焼き); octopus ball but it is a different food. Then, local people do not call it as Akashi-yaki but as Tamago-yaki. Tamago means egg(yaki means pan fried or grilled).

Also the way to eat is different from takoyaki. Usually there are sauce and other seasonings are already on takoyaki when it was served, but Akashi-yaki does not come with the sauce on it. You have to dip into a soup, which is a fine broth. Then, you will taste more egg rather than the dough.

Akashi-yaki is not so offered outside of Akashi city, therefore if you want to try it, better to go to Akashi rather than finding in Osaka or Kobe. The main station of Akashi is Akashi station(明石駅) on JR Kobe line (a part of Sanyo main line) which special rapid trains and limited expresses stop but if you are coming from further places, you can take Sanyo Shinkansen to Nishi-Akashi(西明石) station.

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