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Definitely the most famous confectionery in Mie prefecture and one of the most famous local confectioneries in Japan.

Standard mochi; rice cake is filled with sweet red bean paste but Akafuku-mochi is mochi covered with red bean paste. It is sold by Akafuku Co. located in Ise, Mie prefecture. The flagship store is located on the main street connecting Ise Grand shrine(Ise Jingu). Ise Grand shrine is a head shrine of Association of Shinto Shrines.

Akafuku-mochi is so popular and one of the most popular souvenirs to be given to neighbors, friends and colleagues but there is one big problem. The best before date is a day or maximum two days after the production date. Therefore you have to give Akafuku on the date of purchase or latest on next day. Also watch out when carrying the Akafuku-mochi. You have to keep it flat, horizontal position otherwise the mochi will move to either side of the box.

Akafuku-mochi can be bought in Ise, major stations of Kintetsu railway and major stations of JR Central and West, including Nagoya, Kyoto and Shin-Osaka. It can be sold out quickly and therefore recommend to buy during morning or early afternoon.

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