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Kawaguchi-ko and Kawaguchi-ko great bridge

Kawaguchi-ko, Kawaguchi lake is located in landlocked Yamanashi prefecture. It is one of the five lakes located around Mt.Fuji and it is one of the popular tourist destinations in Yamanashi too. Kawaguchi-ko is a part of Fuji-Hakone-Izu national park.

There is a bridge crossing the lake. Kawaguchi-ko great bridge which is 500 meters long opened in 1971. There was a toll to cross the bridge till 6 June 2005, but now it is toll-free. Kawaguchi-ko great bridge is listed together with Fuji Subaru line road on the 100 greatest roads of Japan.

To reach Kawaguchi-ko from Tokyo, take limited express Fuji Excursion which debuted in March 2019 from Shinjuku to the final stop, Kawaguchiko. Limited express Fuji Excursion runs twice daily in the morning from Shinjuku and twice daily in the afternoon from Kawaguchiko. If your schedule does not suit with timetable of Fuji Excursion, take limited express Kaiji from Shinjuku to Otsuki and change there to Fujikyuko line. Limited express Kaiji runs each hourly. Please note that Japan Rail Pass is not valid on Fujikyuko line and limited express Fuji Excursion between Otsuki and Kawaguchiko.

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