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Advertisement inside the train

May be the big difference inside the trains in Japan and trains in Europe can be the advertisements. Although there are ads on the trains in Europe, there are very limited and not hanging from the ceiling.

On the other hand, there are many types of ads on Japanese trains. On the wall, on the door and hanging from the ceiling. Also there are many kinds of clients who are publishing the ads. Not only schools and stores, there are many ads of magazines and books. Especially ads of magazines which issued weekly can be seen on commuter trains in Tokyo.

Therefore these ads have to be replaced each week by the staffs. Also, you will not see old ads, events which finished a month ago on trains. Then, there are many seasonal ads placed each year. Before the school entry exams, there are many ads of schools to attract the potential students to enter their schools.

Then, many commuter trains in metropolitan area now have digital ads which you can seen on the monitors.

However, not like in Europe, passengers are either sleeping or watching their smartphones therefore I am not sure how many people are keen on reading the ads!

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