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15 August 1945

74 years ago on 15 August 1945, eventually Japan surrendered to Allies and the Pacific war was over. Nazi Germans surrendered 3 months before and the world again retained peace.

Japanese invasion was spurred by the lack of natural resources and limited land to cultivate. First fought war against China in 1894 due to who will gain the control of the Korean peninsular. Then, another war against Russia in 1904 again regarding the Korean peninsular and north east China. China was considered as super power or sleeping lion in the Far East. The victory of Japan surprised the Colonial powers in Europe and US.

Taiwan was seceded to Japan after the war.

Japan was the underdog in 1904. Russia thought to have the greatest navy and powerful army and even Japanese were thinking about the lost. However, the result was absolutely opposite. Japanese joint naval force overwhelmed Russian Baltic fleet at Battle of Tsushima. Admiral Heihachiro Togo began the war hero not only in Japan but also in Finland and Turkey where were neighbors of Russia.

Japan annexed Korea in 1910 and fought as allies for WWI in 1914 and Japan again entered the war with China in 1931 and made Manchuria as independent state. Then, League of Nations stepped on to intervene against Manchuria. Japan claimed that Manchuria is an independent state but League of Nations voted that it is Japan's puppet state. Japan withdrew from League of Nations in 1933 and became isolated.

Later Japan chose Nazi as her ally and this was the extremely bad decision. Attacked Pearl harbor in 1941 and there was no way back for Japan.

First atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima on 06 August 1945. Japanese government reaction was too slow and the second one dropped in Nagasaki three days later. The first one was uranium made bomb and the second one was plutonium made bomb. 6 days later, Emperor Hirohito makes his first live radio announcement to all Japanese. If the decision was made immediately the second bomb could be avoided....

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