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Nagoya castle

Tenshu of Nagoya castle

Nagoya castle is probably the most famous tourist attraction in Nagoya. Nagoya is the fourth populated city in Japan after Tokyo, Yokohama and Osaka, has many tourist destinations nearby but not so many tourists visit Nagoya itself.

Anyway Nagoya castle is very worth place to visit during your stay in Japan. Unfortunately the the original Tenshu burnt down during the WWII but it was rebuilt after the war. Nagoya castle is famous for the two golden shachihoko placed on the the roof. Shachihoko is an animal in Japanese folklore with the head of a tiger and the body of a carp. It is believed that shachihoko could cause the rain to fall, and castles were often adorned with roof ornaments (shibi) crafted in the form of a shachihoko, in order to protect them from fire. By the way, shachihoko also means killer whale in Japanese.

Nagoya castle is located close to Shiyakusho station on Meijo line of Nagoya municipal subway. Shiyakusho means city hall and therefore Nagoya city hall is located close to the station too. Aichi prefectural gymnasium is also located on the premise of the castle. Aichi prefectural gymnasium is a home of July's Sumo tournament in Nagoya.

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