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Takeshita street

Takeshita street in Harajuku

There is a one particular street in Tokyo, or may be in Japan which more than 90% of the Japanese pedestrians are women, or may be girls who are 18 years old or under. Takeshita street - Takeshita-dori is the street which you will see juveniles shopping during the day. You can find there clothes, accessories and also food vendors which are aimed to young girls. Therefore these shops usually do not sell even one item for boys. May be there are shopping streets around the world where only juveniles come but I think there is no street except Takeshita street which exclusively aims only female juveniles.

Takeshita street now also attracts foreign tourists too and makes the one of the popular tourist destinations in Tokyo but it is very interesting that the Japanese non-juvenile tourists will not visit this street at all. Therefore Takeshita street is just for juveniles and foreign tourists.

Takeshita street is very close to JR Harajuku station on Yamanote line. It is very worth place to visit but do not expect to buy anything there except you do not have any young relatives or friends.

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