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Akafuku-mochi is main product of Akafuku Co. in Ise, Mie prefecture. Ise is a city which is famous for Ise Jingu shrine, Akafuku's stores are located nearby the shrine. It is the most popular confection of Ise region and has the nationwide fame. Akafuku which means RED LUCK. By the way, mochi is one of the types of rice cake, made from steamed glutinous rice.

Daifuku-mochi which is sold everywhere in Japan contains anko - red bean paste made from azuki beans-red mung beans inside, but Akafuku-mochi is opposite, anko is covering the mochi, therefore it is called red luck mochi. Daifuku means GREAT LUCK.

Best before date for Akafuku-mochi is very short, just 3 days including the date of produce. Therefore it cannot be selled nationwide but it can be bought at Shin-Osaka, Kyoto and Nagoya stations in addition to train stations in Ise city. Akafuku-mochi is usually sold at the cashier and all the time shop assistant will tell you the best before date upon purchase. Please careful when you carry the Akafuku-mochi. It must be in horizontal and if you put the box as vertical way, all mochi will be squeeze to one side and shape and taste will be damaged!

Anyway, Akafuku-mochi is definitely one of the greatest local confections and do not miss the chance to eat it when you are is Ise, Nagoya station, Kyoto station or Shin-Osaka station!

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