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Shiso field

Red shiso field in Ohara, Kyoto

Although people think Japan is full of skyscrapers, of course there are fields and farms. Then, each prefecture has its own local products.

One of the famous products are green tea from Shizuoka prefecture, cabbage from Gunma prefecture, peanut from Chiba prefecture, cherry from Yamagata prefecture, and apple from Aomori prefecture.

Shiso is a Japanese herb and there are two types of shiso. Green shiso can be cooked as tempura or served as a garnish of sashimi. On the other hand, red shiso is not eaten directly but used as a spice or making umeboshi, Japanese pickled plum.

Ohara district in Kyoto is one of the major place growing red shiso in Japan. Ohara is located north of Kyoto city with plenty of nature. Ohara Sanzenin temple is the most famous tourist destination in Ohara. Ohara Sanzenin can be reached by Kyoto bus from Kyoto station.

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