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Grilled beef on rice

Many people expect to eat fresh seafood during their stay in Japan, but they should try meat dishes too. Especially beef is quite different than the one you eat in Europe.

European beef is much tough, chewy, less fatty but Japanese beef is much tender and fatty, You do not have to chew so much and the fat melts inside your mouth by the body temperature. Japanese beef is know as Wagyu, and the most expensive one is Japanese black.  

The history of eating beef started quite late in the second half of the 19th century, currently Japan is producing high class beef. The most famous one is Kobe beef. Kobe is a harbor city which has nearly 1.5 million inhabitants in Hyogo prefecture, located west of Osaka. Unfortunately Kobe beef is not produced in Kobe city itself but was named after when the foreigners in second half of 19th century ate the Tajima beef in Kobe. Tajima is one of the former provinces which make the current Hyogo prefecture and Kobe is the capital of the prefecture. Now only the high class Tajima beef can be shipped as Kobe beef. Anyway it has to be a Tajima cattle born and grown in Hyogo prefecture.

The other famous regions for beef productivity are Shiga prefecture(Omi beef), Hida region in Gifu prefecture(Hida beef), Matsusaka city in Mie prefecture(Matsusaka beef), Yonezawa city in Yamagata prefecture(Yonezawa beef) and Maesawa district in Oshu city, Iwate prefecture(Maesawa beef).

If you are traveling to these regions, you should try them!

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