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Kyoto tower

kyoto tower

There are many towers in Japan and these towers have observation decks for public. Then, there are two types of towers. The first type is to be built as the telecommunication tower for broadcasting TV signals, and the second type is towers built as office buildings but observation decks were made too.

The first type of towers are Tokyo tower, Skytree tower(Tokyo), Kyoto Tower and etc. The second type is Landmark tower in Yokohama, Abenoharukasu in Osaka and etc.

Kyoto tower is located in front of Kyoto station where you can see the Shinkansen arriving and departing Kyoto station from the observation deck. Then, there is also a public bath house on the basement which is open from early morning to the evening. Therefore if you arrived in the morning by night bus or if you are going to take the night bus, you can bathe there before/after the night bus.

If you visited the observation deck, you will get a discount for the bath house and you can leave your suitcase at the reception.

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