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Pagoda of Toji temple

Toji temple is located in Kyoto, but not located in north of the Kyoto station. It is located on the south of the station. Almost all major tourist attractions in Kyoto city are located north of Kyoto station, except this Toji temple and Fushimi Inari shrine.

Therefore usually the tourists have to take a bus to visit the famous temples or shrines from the bus stops located at the north gate of Kyoto station(Karasuma exit) but Toji can be visited on foot. Due to its location, it is not so crowded as Kiyomizu temple or Kinkakuji.

Toji temple is famous for its pagoda. Unfortunately you cannot go inside of the pagoda but very worth to take the photo of it.

Toji means East temple in Japanese but there is no West temple, South temple nor North temple in Kyoto. probably named after due to Kyoto is east of India, where the Buddha was born and lived.

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