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Emergency exit

Emergency Exit

All aircraft are equipped with emergency exits but no one wants to use it when on board.

Then, there are seats next to the emergency exits. These seats are usually have more spaces for legs but on the other hand there are several strict rules.

1) You can not put your personal belongings on the floor, even under the seat in front of you.

2) You have to understand the official language of the airline company or at least English.

3) In case of emergency, you have to help the cabin attendants.

At least the person who is reading this blog will not have a problem with 2) but the problem can be 1). Especially for ladies who do not want to put their handbags in the overhead compartments.

In case you do not want to help the attendants, you can change your seat. I think most reliable and flexible men, under 40 should sit here......

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