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Japan Rail Pass

Japan Rail Pass vs Normal tickets

Many authorized agents for Japan Rail Pass have their Ads on SNS or search engines.

These Ads are mostly mentioned as ENJOY THE UNLIMITED RIDE OF SHINKANSEN.

However, it is not the main reason to purchase the Japan Rail Pass for the most of the non-Japanese tourists traveling in Japan. Their main purpose is to see the beauties of Japan, eat the authentic Japanese foods and buy the traditional products, not to ride the Shinkansen as much as possible. They have to use the Shinkansen to visit the places and eat the local foods. Therefore riding the Shinkansen can be the dream but not the main reason to go to Japan.

If the Shinkansen or train fares in Japan are so cheap, tourists will not buy the Japan Rail Pass. Therefore it is necessary to know if Japan Rail Pass could be cheaper than buying the each tickets in Japan. Truly to say, if you are just going to Osaka from Tokyo and back in 7 days, Japan Rail Pass will be expensive than the normal tickets and buying the normal tickets will be easier.

If you have an exchange order of Japan Rail Pass, you have to go to the one of the designated ticket offices within designated hours. Then you get the Japan Rail Pass and you have to get the seat reservation for free. On the other hand, if you want to buy a normal ticket, you can buy it at automatic ticket machines or any ticket offices. You can also get the seat reservation at once.

Therefore the price for the Japan Rail Pass should be cheaper than the normal fares.

It is totally the same if you go for ALL YOU CAN EAT. If the ALL YOU CAN EAT costs EUR 40 but the 3 course deluxe menu is just for EUR 20, most of the the people will not choose ALL YOU CAN EAT. On the other hand, if the ALL YOU CAN EAT costs just EUR 25, more customers will choose the ALL YOU CAN EAT than the 3 course menu.

Although the foods can be different between All You Can Eat and the 3 course menu, the trains are the same for passengers for normal tickets or for Japan Rail Pass. All passengers will have the same service on board.

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