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Ultraseven is the successor of Ultraman which was produced by Tsuburaya productions and aired on TBS in late 60s. Ultraman was the first hero of Ultra brothers series by Tsuburaya productions which made a nationwide hit and the series still continues even 50 years after its debut.

Ultraseven lives in Tokyo as like Ultraman did, his appearance is as same as normal human being. His name is Dan Moroboshi, member of Ultra Guard which is a kind of Terrestrial defense force against monsters and aliens. When Dan gets in trouble or Ultra Gaurd cannot handle the problem, he changes to Ultraseven. However his activity on Earth is limited to just 3 minutes after changing to Ultra Seven. Ultraseven's abilities are beams from his head and arm. The Wide shot, a beam from his arm thought to be the most lethal beam he has.

However, the most favorite one is Eye Slugger, Space boomerang which is attached on the top of his head.

The interesting thing is that the monsters or aliens which appeared on TV are nationwide known too. Especially Alien Baltan which appeared in Ultraman is known by every Japanese and loved my small kids.

Then, the best part of Ultraseven is when Alien Metron appears. The best moment is when Dan faces Metron inside the old cheap apartment. Other aliens'tactics were sending monsters to invade Earth but Metron put a Space opium inside the cigarettes and sells from the vending machine. When an innocent man buys and smokes the cigarettes, he get crazy and will not trust anyone which leads to kill others. Metron tries to take over the Earth after all human beings kill them each other.

Eventually Metron's invasion was failed thanks to Dan's investigation but the idea of killing each other would fail. Actually no one trust others - it was the concept during the Cold war.

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