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Canal city Fukuoka

Canal city

Canal city Fukuoka is a large complex in Fukuoka city, which is the largest city in Kyushu island.

Due to its location, many Chinese and Korean tourists visit Fukuoka for a short holiday, mainly enjoying shopping and dining. Then, Canal city is the place where these tourists spend their stays in Fukuoka city. Therefore may be you will meet more foreign tourists than Japanese ones there.

The complex includes movie theaters, theater, shops, restaurants and hotels. It is 10-15 minutes walk from JR Hakata station, the terminus of Sanyo and Kyushu Shinkansen, main station of Fukuoka city.

The complex was opened in 1996 and new subway station nearby will be opened in 2020.

It is also close to Nakasu district which is the biggest red light district in Kyushu.

Due to Fukuoka city lacks of tourist attractions(no castle, no famous temples or shrines), it is an ideal place for tourists to look for cheap accommodation above standard and enjoy shopping and night life. You can stay in Fukuoka city and travel to Nagasaki, Kumamoto for a day trip.

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