What is the payment method for Japan Rail Pass?

You can pay either by bank transfer or credit card(VISA/MASTER). Payment must be done in advance and the whole amount should reach our bank account before we issue and print out the exchange orders. In case of credit card payment, we have to add 3.6% surcharge on the total amount for the credit card transction.

What is the difference between Exchange order and Japan Rail Pass?

You must purchase the Exchange order before arriving in Japan. The Exchange order will be exchanged to the Japan Rail Pass with fixed dates at the designated Japan Rail Pass exchange offices. After exchanging to Japan Rail Pass, you can use it and ride the train from the first date mentioned on the pass.

Where can I exchange the Exchange order to Japan Rail Pass?

You can not exchange at all stations but only at the designated stations throughout Japan. You can check the designated stations at here.

When should I exchange the Exchange order?

You have to exchange the Exchange order to Japan Rail Pass within 3 months. You can exchange it when you arrived at Narita airport, Haneda airport, Kansai airport, Chubu airport and New Chitose airport but the offices hours are limited. Please check the opening hours here. Usually exchange offices at airports are crowded and busy. Please allow extra time to travel further.

What is the difference between Green and ordinary cars?

JR uses name Green car instead of 1st class car for their trains. Most of the limited expresses(Tokkyu) have green cars. Their 2nd class is called ordinary car. Tokaido Shinkasen's Hikari trains which have 16 cars have 3 Green cars. On the other hand, Sakura trains between Shin-Osaka and Kagoshima-chuo, and limited express trains have only 1 Green car, and Tokaido, Sanyo and Kyushu Shinkasen trains which have only 8 cars are not equipped with any Green car.

Should I make the seat reservation?

Not like trains in Europe, all trains in Japan are either reserved cars or non-reserved cars. Therefore if you want to be seated in the reserved cars, you have to make a seat reservation at JR ticket office before getting on board. Green cars of limited expresses are compulsory reservation. If you cannot make seat reservation before getting on the train, you have to find your seat in the non-reserved cars. Please note that seat reservation for Japan Rail Pass holders are free of charge. We recommend to write down your train itinerary before reaching the ticket counter to avoid misunderstanding. Also during high seasons; end of March to beginning of April. middle of August and the end of December to beginning of January, the trains will be extremely crowded and well advanced booking is necessary. Also the exchange office may refuse to make multiple reservations.

I am not sure if I should buy the pass or not.

Please note that we do not sell only Exchange orders for Japan Rail Passes. We also sell Exchange orders for regional passes. If you are not sure which pass to buy, please feel free to contact us and our staff will reply to you.

What is the difference between authorized and non-authorized agents?

There are only six Japanese companies(travel agencies/airlines) that are designated by JR group, which can issue the Exchange orders for Japan Rail Passes. Due to these companies are located in Japan and have limited number of branch offices outside of Japan, each company authorizes local travel agencies outside of Japan to let them issue the Exchange orders. We are authorized agent of KNT(Kintetsu International), which is one of the six designated companies. Then, we are the first KNT's agent in Czech Republic and the second authorized agent of six designated companies. We issue and print out your Exchange order from our printers. The visible difference of authorized and non-authorized agents is easy. If you purchase the Exchange order from non-authorized agent, the agent's name will not be printed on the Exchange order. On the other hand, authorized agent's name will be printed on the Exchange order. Non-authorized agent has to buy from the authorized agent to pass you the Exchange order. Which means that you probably have to wait for the Exchange order longer than you buy from the authorized agent directly. Then, the price can be higher or the worse scenario is that there will be mistake. Then, usually staffs of non-authorized agent do not have experience using the Japan Rail Pass, which means that they might not be able to reply your question immediately. If it is same price, which agent will you prefer? Authorized agent or non-authorized agent? We think it is a very simple question.